high speed rural broadband 

Frequently Asked Questions

Installing now 

All packages have a £150 connection fee to cover aerial installation, provisioning and set up including a very high speed WiFi router.  

Residential Package  

Business Package       

Premium Business       

£25 per month

£35 per month

£50 per month

What do we do?

We provide high speed rural broadband.  Provided by the community for the community.  Over this service you can:

  • Access the internet, browse the web, send and receive email etc
  • Work from home
  • VPN into a corporate network
  • Stream TV services such as BBC iPlayer, Amazon, Netflix etc.
  • Stream all SKY services and content
  • Make and Receive calls from your choice of internet telephone provider

What don't we do?

  • We don't provide an emergency service
  • We don't have a call centre in India (or anywhere else)
  • We don't provide a phone service (fixed or mobile)
  • We don't provide content filtering
  • We don't warrant connection availability

We are offering three levels of service to the community.  Which is right for you depends on how you use your internet connection.  All services are run at full speed and connection is shared between all users on the network.


Faults will be fixed as the team is available.  Fixed IP as Standard.


Faults will be responded to within 24 hours.  Fixed IP as Standard.

Premium Business.  

Faults will be responded to within 4 business hours.  Fixed IP as Standard.

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Can I move my number to you?

No.  We are not providing a land line service, we are providing High Speed Broadband only.  You can however move your landline number to a company like Vonage and use our network to deliver the service.  Many of our customers are keeping their mobile phones and disconnecting their landline.

Will you be here in 10 years time?

As a not for profit staffed by volunteers we are not susceptible to stock market, investor and banking whims and fluctuations, so we all expect to be running this for a long time.  

WILl your network still deliver what I need?

We have deliberately built extra capacity into our core network and we are building small network Cells with independent high speed feeds to ensure we are future proofed for the next ten years at least .  Our core network runs at over 300Mb/s and to increase speed all we need to do is order more capacity to the internet from our network.

does it slow down at 3.30pm when all the children get back from school?

We have sized the network so that at peak times we are using only 70% of our capacity.  Every one of our customers sees a full speed service all of the time.

Do I need to continue with my landline to have your service?

No. We deliver over a local ultra high speed radio network.  If you are happy to move to making and receiving calls on a mobile phone you don't need to keep a separate land line at all.

What is the minimum sign up period?

None.  We are so confident about our service you can leave with 30 days notice.

Do you invoices include VAT?

Currently no.  If this changes we will let you know in good time and give you the chance to leave without a cancellation penalty if this would materially affect the price to you..

what if BT bring superfast broadband to the area?

They may do at some point in the future, but there are no announced plans and their superfast packages are around £50 a month.  Almost double our charges.

what if another provider bring superfast broadband to some parts of the area?

Gigaclear is almost everywhere now and they provide a fibre to the home service.  However the equivalent service to ours is very expensive at almost twice the cost.

what payment methods do you offer?

Monthly charges start from £25 a month and this is a full speed service.  We charge more for faster response if you have a business critical service.

Is your radio network dangerous?

Absolutely Not.  It is highly directional and runs at lower power than mobile phones.  It also has the advantage that the transmitters tend to be at the top of your house as opposed to pressed against your head.


We are using well proven technology. 500,000 people in the UK are connected by high speed radio data networks.  We have had dishes that have faults on installation, but with network management it is easy to identify and replace them and as we are local that happens very quickly.  

Why are you doing this, what do you get out of it?

Included only because we get asked this all the time!  No Salaries or Directors fees are paid.  We get nothing from running this except for the goodwill and thanks of the wider community.  We also pay for the service at the same rate as everyone else.

What speed will I get?

The short answer is up to 100Mbs.  For purposes of comparison with other providers we are running a higher quality of service at this claimed speed than any other major broadband supplier. Realistically we expect most people should see over 40Mb/s for most of the time. Currently we are seeing bandwidth at over 90Mb/s at over 90% of our customer sites.

WHAT SPEED do i need?

Of course every family is different, but experience of managing the network means we know most people use less than 10Mb/s even at peak times. Streaming HD takes about 4-6Mb/s.  4K TV less than 12Mb/s.  We make more available so that when you are doing that big download it happens quickly.


While technically it may be possible to share your connection with your neighbour if we detect it on our router we will treat it seriously as it is in effect stealing from the wider community.

We have an annex that we let out, is that one service?

It seemed fairest to ask for one subscription for every address that pays council tax.  If in any doubt please ask.

Will your equipment take a lot of electricity?

No.  It uses tiny amounts of electricity.

why do i need to do anything now?

We have taken on many customers for phase 1 and the remaining allocation is filling fast. We are moving onto Phase 2 and 3 that is to deliver service into Wises Firs, Island Farm Road, Shortheath Lane and Camp Road with two new independent internet feeds.  

Can I get on the network?

We plan to cover most if not all of the parish, some areas are more challenging than others but we wish to provide service to all in the parishes of Sulhamstead and Ufton Nervet that want it.  But please read the FAQ above!

I don't live in the parish - can I have it?

If you can see by direct line of sight any of the houses within the parishes of Sulhamstead, Ufton Nervet or Englefield we may be able to connect you, please get in touch.